Information about previous classes; assignments

Lecture 1, 18.2.2020

who were the Hittites, location and time, major kings, find spots, language affiliation (the word for "water")

the "famous sentence" translated by Bedrich Hrozny:

nu NINDA-an e-iz-za-at-te-ni wa-a-tar-ma e-ku-ut-te-ni

logograms, basic problems of transliterations

Dictionaries, grammar books.

Assignment for the next Tuesday: briefly browse through the Grammar and Dictionary, expect nominal inflection and reading with cuneiform signs for the next week! :)

Lecture 2, 25.2.2020

Anatolian languages of the 2nd and 1st millenium.

CTH - catalogue de textes hittites.

Konkodranz (where you can find tablets listed by the CTH number or by the Edition)

Major editions of Hittite texts: KBo, KUB, IBoT, ABoT

Nominal inflection (GHL, table, p. 69) - learn the endings.

Nominal declension - HOMEWORK: write 1-2 sentences about every nominal and adjectival class (a-stems, i-stems aetc.), send it to me by Monday before the next class)